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Test data generator


I’m currently designing an MVC ASP.NET web application with a SQL Server database.

I want my application to process hundreds or thousands of transactions every hour. That being the case, I need to stress test every part including the web server, slq database, indexes, paging, filtering and many other parts of my application.

test data


I developed a c++ console application that will generate as many test records as I want (into the millions). The file below contains about 100,000 test records containing randomized first and last names. (The last names are country specific and the first names are gender specific).

  1. Download Test Data. 
  2. Unzip file and import into a temporary table in SQL Server.
    (Note to the Novice: Creating a temporary table might seem like a wasted step, but it’s actually the correct way of doing this).

    USE MyDatabaseName
    CREATE TABLE CSVImport (FirstName nvarchar(20), 
    LastName nvarchar(20), 
    Gender nvarchar(7), 
    Country nvarchar(20))
    BULK INSERT MyDatabaseName.dbo.CSVImport 
    FROM "C:\TestData.txt"
  3. Inserted the imported data into an existing table in your database.In this example, the ‘People2′ table.
    INSERT INTO People2 (FirstName, LastName)
    SELECT FirstName, LastName FROM CSVImport

Working on the Gold Coast – Part 1

When I worked on the Gold Coast, I was responsible for the networking infrastructure, maintenance and technical support for 250 workstations and 33 critical business servers spanning 18 companies across multiple sites around the Gold Coast and Australia. Daily duties included troubleshooting applications, systems, networks and helping non-technical users over the phone and in person. To learn more about my employment visit my LinkedIn profile.

WorkingOnTheGoldCoastTypical Software Managed while I worked on the Gold Coast included:

  • Microsoft Business Server
  • Microsoft Server 2003 and 2008
  • Microsoft XP, Vista, Windows 7 desktops
  • Microsoft Exchange Server… plus many others.

It was crazy fun, hectic, stressful and rewarding all at the same time. My time there was short, but I enjoyed myself. Despite all the technology, the best part was working within walking distance to Broadbeach where I would frequently have lunch. It was also nice working close to a large shopping center as my previous employment at Mt. Stromlo had no shops (and frequently no people either)… but that’s another story.

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