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Test data generator


I’m currently designing an MVC ASP.NET web application with a SQL Server database.

I want my application to process hundreds or thousands of transactions every hour. That being the case, I need to stress test every part including the web server, slq database, indexes, paging, filtering and many other parts of my application.

test data


I developed a c++ console application that will generate as many test records as I want (into the millions). The file below contains about 100,000 test records containing randomized first and last names. (The last names are country specific and the first names are gender specific).

  1. Download Test Data. 
  2. Unzip file and import into a temporary table in SQL Server.
    (Note to the Novice: Creating a temporary table might seem like a wasted step, but it’s actually the correct way of doing this).

    USE MyDatabaseName
    CREATE TABLE CSVImport (FirstName nvarchar(20), 
    LastName nvarchar(20), 
    Gender nvarchar(7), 
    Country nvarchar(20))
    BULK INSERT MyDatabaseName.dbo.CSVImport 
    FROM "C:\TestData.txt"
  3. Inserted the imported data into an existing table in your database.In this example, the ‘People2′ table.
    INSERT INTO People2 (FirstName, LastName)
    SELECT FirstName, LastName FROM CSVImport

Working at Mt. Stromlo


During my time at Mt. Stromlo, I was responsible for the successful tracking of orbiting satellites using telescopes and laser ranging equipment. In addition to daily tracking duties, I also developed automated software solutions for the station to streamline data processing and developed new Database and XML standards for data capture and processing. This significantly improved the quality of reports, allowed for better data-mining and tracking of quality-assurance metrics. This work also resulted in a new data-format standard being developed for the International Laser Ranging Service (ILRS) to better capture and report on tracking data.

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